Support Group For East Asian Students

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Support Group for East and South East Asian Students in Counseling Program
Ya-Chen Tsai
University of North Texas

Support Group for East and South East Asian Students in Counseling Program According to U.S. Census Bureau (n.d.), East and Southeast Asian Americans is largely a result of the huge influx of immigrants from Asia, it stood at nearly ten million of the total U.S. population and nearly seven out of ten Asian Americans were born in Asia. One out of ten people living in the United States will be able to trace the ancestry in part or in full to Asian countries by 2050. This group is comparatively new to other immigration groups and have experienced strong oppressions such as anti-Asian sentiment, Immigration Act of 1924,
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Moreover, the value of students from this background, such as second generation immigrants and international students, is not always acknowledged or appreciated (Peterson, Briggs, Dreasher, Horner, & Nelson, 1999). In addition to acculturative stress, they often encounter serious language, financial, psychological, and institutional barriers while in the school and receive very limited support (Mori, 2000). However, students from East and Southeast Asia have wealth of experiences, opinions, and cultural traditions that could contribute and expand the eyesight in both research and teaching, as well as the potential to enrich the university community (Delgado-Romero & Wu, 2010).
Social justice work with clients is valued by counseling programs; however, the unjust social dynamics of their own students is replicated. Even though counseling programs often promote that they value diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice, students from East and Southeast Asia still face additional barriers, such as cultural value conflict with clients and Western theoretical approaches, and cross-cultural supervision issues (Delgado-Romero & Wu, 2010).
According to Dipeolu, Jinhee, & Cooper (2007), support group treatment offers many advantages and can enhance the health and sense of well-being. There are several reasons that support group can beneficial those students. Firstly, group provides supportive context for students to discuss adjustment concerns and further
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