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There is a critical need to support Refugee Services of Texas and the services it provides to the local refugee community. Without these services many of this community would not be able to navigate the state’s social services as effectively nor would they be able to support themselves financially upon their arrival in the country. The absences of such services lead to a greater risk of these individuals falling victim to poverty, unemployment, homelessness and social isolation.

In 2015, RST provided resettlement services to 1,524 asylees, parolees, refugees, and survivors of trafficking with social integration needs. The ethnic breakdown of the client population is: 66% Refugee, 23% Parolee, 7% Asylees, and 4% Survivors of Trafficking. Our clients range from 33 different countries including: Afghanistan, Bhutan, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Democratic of the Republic of Congo, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Slovakia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Uganda and the United States.

Regardless of their country of origin or their legal status, clients have access to a wide-range of case management services in either English or their language of choice. All services are offered and provided to clients free of charge making them accessible for all.


All of Refugee Services of Texas’ programs address a primary, overarching…
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