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Describe how a learning practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities
Unit 210 1.1

As a teaching assistant your teacher may involve you in the planning of a lesson, she will tell you what the lesson is about and who they want you to work with.
When the teacher is planning the lesson you should have the opportunity to discuss and look at pupils work with the teacher, this is called review. Review is when you can look to see if the work that has been set has been done and if the child has understood what has been asked of them. It would be a good idea to walk around the classroom to see if the children are doing the work correctly, making notes and to let the teacher know, then you can discuss
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Reading - I don’t like to read out aloud to a group of people or children as I tend to get my words mixed up and start to stammer.

I am experienced in working within a school environment having worked in schools for a number of years. I know the different problems that I may encounter and how to deal with them. Being a mum of two teenagers I can relate to problems that children may be going through and I am able to give advice if needed. The children have respect for me and I am not afraid to give disciplinary action where needed and I also reward good behaviour to children giving them a sense of achievement.
Having been out of the learning environment for a number of years I am a bit rusty on some subjects such as maths, but I am trying to overcome this by learning from my maths.
If you have weaknesses such as maths for example this could impact on the child you are supporting because if you do not understand what to do in the lesson then how will you help the child you are supporting. This is why it is best to know what the lesson plan is, then at least you can look up what will be studied in the lesson, that way you will understand what is asked of you therefore you will be able to support the child in that
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