Support System For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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3 Support System to Post Traumatic Stress disorder Patient in U. S. Debora Anderson Augusta Technical College Running head: SUPPORT SYSTEM TO POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER PATIENT IN U. S. Debora Anderson Support System to Post Traumatic Stress disorder Patients in America Post-traumatic stress syndrome is an anxiety disorder that differs from other disorders due to its origin, or traumatic event. The severity, duration, and proximity to the event are some risk factors of the disorder. Post-traumatic stress situations are most associated with war and battle. However, sexual abuse, emergency workers and anyone involved in a catastrophic event can have symptoms relating to post-traumatic stress. Previous presence of a mental illness can make a person more vulnerable to the onset of stress related disorders. Anyone who has previously had a post-traumatic stress episode remains vulnerable and can, depending on the circumstances encounter reappearance of symptoms. Sometimes, the aftermath of PTSD take the form of depressions, anxiety disorders, or abuse of alcohol or drugs. The use of drugs and alcohol could be an attempt on the part of the person suffering to alleviate his anguish or numb fear of threatening situations (Weiss, Garvert, & Cloitre, 2015). PTSD can have important consequences on the functions of daily life and can influence several areas of social and emotional behavior .Developing avoidance issues can negatively affect the way sufferers

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