Support Traditional Crops

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support traditional crops. Some GMOs are even designed to help prevent vitamin deficiencies by adding needed nutrients to crops that do not typically have a particular nutrient. One of the leading arguments for the supporters of GMO’s is the possibility that it will enable the world to produce enough food to continue to support the growing population. According to Madeline Ostrander as it is estimated that the population of people on the earth will increase to 9.5 billion people by 2050 and that there will be a massive food shortage (p.1). Without technological intervention, which comes in the form of GMO’s much of the world’s population will struggle to supply the food they need to survive. There are food sources being modified to withstand higher heat and that are able to survive in drought like conditions as some scientists are estimating that there will be a significant water shortage in the future and there will be at least thirty-seven different countries will face water shortages (Ostrander p. 1). Another question that arises when considering GMOs is whether there are any side effects that come from the prolonged use of GMOs and whether they are safe for human consumption. According to Amy Paturel, the World Health Organization, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Medical Association have all stated that GMOs are at least as safe as, if not safer than traditionally crossbred foods. With all the regulations on GMO’s they are some of the most highly
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