Support for Academic Studies

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Support for Academic Studies I am indeed very lucky to have parents who have always supported me throughout my academic career. They have always encouraged me on my achievements and have always wanted me to pursue the highest degree of education. If it was not for my friends and family, I would have not been able to make till here. Now, I want to achieve a doctorate degree so that I can make my family and my friends proud of me since not many people have the opportunities or the courage and consistency to achieve the highest degree of education. Where I have been extremely lucky to have amazing friends and family who have been supporting me throughout my education, I would like to admit here that I have the most amazing people at my workplace as well. My supervisor has always been very considerate towards and has always appreciated my work. He has always been on my side whenever I needed him. He believes that I am a very competent person and that I have the capabilities to achieve a doctorate degree with a very good score. He also believes that in order for me to perform well in career, a doctorate degree would play a very major role. Since my family is supportive of the idea that I should not just focus on my career but I should also expand my horizons through education, I feel even more encouraged to achieve a doctorate degree. I am confident that I can make it through the degree without any difficulty and with consistency since I have many people around me who are
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