Supporting Change within an Organisation

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Supporting Change within an Organisation
This report describes the effect and impact change has had within my organisation.
Change is a constant in today’s organisations. In a Recent CIPD survey it found more than half of all employees said that their organisation has been going through some kind of major change during the last year. Most organisations more than ten years old look nothing like they did even five years ago. And it is likely that in the next year or two organisations will not look as they do today. Below are 6 factors that drive and influence change In any organisation.
3 Internal factors
Restructure, organisations have downsized and delayered; ‘leanness’ means doing more with less, so individual
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3 Refreezing – stabilising, supporting and reinforcing the new change conditions.

Lewin 's model is very rational, goal and plan oriented. The change looks good on paper, as it makes rational sense, but when implemented the lack of considering human feelings and experiences can have negative consequences

Lippitt (Watson, Westley)- 7 steps
Lippitt’s Phases of Change is an extension of Lewin’s Three-Step Theory. The focus on Lippitt’s change theory is on the change agent rather than the change itself.
Diagnose the problem.
Assess the motivation and capacity for change.
Assess the resources and motivation of the change agent.
Choose progressive change objects.
The role of the change agents should be selected and clearly understood by all parties so that expectations are clear.
Maintain the change. Communication, feedback, and group coordination are essential elements in this step of the change process.
Gradually terminate from the helping relationship. The change agent should gradually withdraw from their role over time.

Thurleys 5 approaches to Change
Hearts and Minds
Action Based

Thurleys module is aimed at the employee and how to manage them. Clearly planned, little involvement of others and attempt to overcome resistance.
J M Fisher, The process of transition lists 9 behavioural responses people demonstrate when experiencing
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