Essay about Supporting Child and Young Person Development

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CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLES DEVELOPMENT It is very important to recognise and respond to any concerns with child/young person development because children who are not reaching development norms may well require additional support, or help from a professional person, or it could be emotional distress or help at home they need. A child is assessed one it starts nursery this is done by observing the child and writing down your assessment s in a file for each child and then this can be compared to the development norms, a set expectation for children at a particular age. If the child is having problems such as if the child is at the age of 6 and was a happy confident child who socialised well with other kids and had friends, but you come to…show more content…
Also if a child is starting primary school for the first time the child can go through many emotional aspects such as anxiety, scared, lonely and stress when attending a new setting. This is when the child will need to use their social skills the most making new friends trying to interact with the other children as well as new teachers. Some children find this transition easier than others as time passes they should start to feel more at ease in their environment but if not then a teacher will get involved and if nessacary speak to the parents to see if they can help the child in any way. A 14 year old child is suddenly started to change its behaviour and you notice that the child is starting to speak with a slurred speech, memory impairment, lack of coordination, irritability which will affect the child in many ways such as slurred speech will affect the Childs language and ability to communicate, also the Childs memory is affected your finding the child is not remembering things from maybe the day before which will lead to effect on the Childs emotional

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