Supporting Disabled Children

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Anne Marie Foster Unit 319 Support disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. Children with special educational needs (SEN) all have learning difficulties or disabilities that make it harder for them to learn than most children of the same age. These children may need extra or different help from that given to other children of the same age. It is important that early identification and intervention (The Special Educational Needs Code of Practise 2001) of SEN needs is put in place to minimise any distress to the child and greater benefit learning. Special educational needs can range from a mild and temporary learning difficulty to severe, complex and permanent difficulties that will always affect the…show more content…
• Has sensory, medical or physical needs and requires additional specialist support. • May have organisational difficulties, poor coordination, struggle with writing, have difficulty with speech. Support can take the form of equipment, regular advice or visits by a specialist service such as speech and language or occupational therapy; • Has on going communication or interaction difficulties that prevent the child from developing and maintaining social relationships. The child may find it difficult to: make friends, to share, join in, be understood or follow instructions At School Action Plus there should be an increased emphasis on adapting learning to fit the child's needs at any given time, with clear individual programmes to support targets, specialist teaching approaches and access to specialist learning materials if needed. Assessment, planning and review by the SENCo. Usually an IEP or similar will be issued. At School Action Plus, external services such as a speech therapist may be involved with the assessment process. Additional action to the support the child’s needs include: • Grouping for teaching purposes – this may include small group or one-to-one support. • Support from a LSA. The main provision will be from the class teacher guided by the SENCo but some LSA support may be used. At School Action Plus additional, often specialist, adult support brought in by the school. • Curriculum
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