Supporting Evidence Essay

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The most significant element I found in establishing my credibility and use of the specific type of evidence was for me to know about the different types of supporting materials that I can provide for my evidence. The two main supporting materials that I must know for my speeches would be verbal and nonverbal supporting materials. Using verbal evidence, like charts and pictures, can really clarify your speech topic, as well as giving the audience something interesting to see as prove of your topic. As for nonverbal evidence, like expert opinions, interviews, and even statistical results, they are also used to prove a point within your main point, as well as clarifying what your point really means. The reason why it is important to understand what kind of supporting evidence you are using is because with it, you can go even further on how you want your speech to be formatted. Using the different variety of supports can really change up your format, resulting in the audience to better follow along during your speech, if done correctly. In contrast, for those who do not understand the concept of giving your speech clear and connecting evidence, the audience will just simply plug out. You need to make sure that the structure of the speech…show more content…
Every single political who are running for some sort of office position needs something more than a claim; they need to provide proof to make a point. However, it does not mean that the political must overdo it, as they may even harm themselves since they couldn’t follow up the several statements they want to give. Giving an organized and through speech can really make your campaign, whereas a mess of a speech can brake your campaign. Take Caine’s and Greene’s speech for example, Koine was organized and through, gaining support every step on the way, while Greene was just a hot mess, so much so that it brought some amount of pain to the audience, thus hurting his
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