Supporting For Mental Health Awareness For Children Between The Ages 9 Essay

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Description of Program
Advocating for mental health awareness for children between the ages 9 – 17 that are living in the Bay Area Region of California. This program is designed to decrease the prevalence and incidence of mentally ill children by providing the social support and comprehensive treatment that is needed and increasing his/her self-efficacy. This program will train stakeholders such as teachers, school nurses, coaches, parents and health workers on mental illness and ways to approach a mentally ill child to assist them in the support needed.

Need and Context
Mental health is a key component of one’s overall health. If the mental health is not balanced, it may affect the individual’s daily life function, eating habits, sleeping habits, mood swings, and so forth. This program is designed to reduce incarceration of juveniles, reduce suicide, reduce violence, increase academic performance, increase communication and trust with children and superiors, and increase self-efficacy and self-worth of the child.
The contextual factors than may affect the implementation of this program are cultural barriers, social economic barriers, language barriers, and personal biases. In many cultures, mental illness is not spoken about or taken seriously which creates a serious problem in providing the needed care.
The program will be in place in this community for a two-year span. The planning stage will occur in the first 3 months out and then the implementation stage will
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