Supporting Good Practice in Managing Employee Relations

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CONTENTS Internal factors that impact employee relations | Page 3 | External factors that impact employee relations | Pages 3-4 | Employment status | Page 4 | Employee rights | Page 5 | Legislation relating to work/life balance | Pages 5-6 | Family/parent-related legal support | Pages 6-7 | Equal pay | Page 8 | Equalities Legislation | Pages 9-10 | The psychological contract | Pages 10-11 | Fair and unfair dismissal | Pages 12-13 | Exit interviews | Pages 13-14 | Redundancy | Page 14 | Impact of redundancy | Page 15 |

The following information is a leaflet giving guidance to employee relations. The information details the impact that
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EMPLPOYMENT STATUS Status | Explanation of the Status | Reasons why it is important to determine this status | Analysis of the reason which could include impact | Permanent Employee | They can be employed on a part-time, full-time or fixed term basis. | They must be given a contract within 2 months of their start date agreeing terms and conditions. This must contain salary, hours of work and state date and place of work. They must receive statutory benefits, ie SMP or SSP and holiday pay. | The benefits of employing permanent employees are that they can be part of the business for a long time thus providing specialist knowledge and can progress with learning and development. The employer has full work control over permanent employees. Retention can prove beneficial to the budget of the organisation as substantial recruitment costs can be avoided. They are entitled to full employment rights and therefore dismissing permanent employees can be very time consuming and costly. | Worker | They can be temporary agency workers, short term or employed on a casual basis to provide a personal service. | They are employed to meet the short term demand for staff. They are entitled to a core of employment rights, ie national minimum wage, breaks, annual leave and 48 hour working week and are entitled to a healthy and safe working environment. | They are used as and when needed so therefore the costs are not as
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