Essay about Supporting Homosexual Couples Adoption Rights

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Homosexual Couples and the Issue of Adaptation "Having two mummies or daddies is stupid, but it's better than having none at all" When asked for his opinion on the matter of gay couples adopting and raising children as their own, my eight year old brother replied with the above statement. Children are said to be the harshest critics; their opinions considered whole truths. But is this neutral and innocent view shared by the thousands of children currently in foster care worldwide? If given the choice, would they consent to being taken into the care of a same-sex couple? Furthermore, should such couples be given the right to do so? Many people would disagree, claiming that the only…show more content…
In addition, it is said that every little girl needs the emotional support of a mother; likewise for a small boy and a father. It may also be argued that future relationships of children adopted by gay couples could be tainted, due to the fact that they have not experienced living with the opposite sex; if the gender of the adopted child matches that of its adoptive parents. However, if this is the case then must all families which do not provide its children with both parents also be banned? Statistics show that one in 20 adopted children in the UK go to single parent homes, resulting in approximately 1.5 million single mothers and 1000 single fathers. If this large amount of parents raise emotionally and psychologically unstable children who can not handle relationships, legal action would have been taken in order to prevent such people from adopting. Role models and means of emotional support can also be found elsewhere, besides in the home. Friends, neighbours and teachers provide this and more. Interaction with members of the opposite sex is experienced during school life, so any child living in either a homosexual or single parent family would not be disadvantaged. Another topic raised is that of homophobia. Though frowned upon by many, homophobia is still very much alive in today's society. Psychical violence, extreme prejudice and exclusion are problems

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