Supporting Learning Activities and Assessment for Learning Essay

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Assignment 4 – Supporting learning activities and assessment for learning QUESTION 1 a. Explain how a learning support practitioner may contribute to the planning, delivery and review of learning activities As a teaching assistant it is important that I am actively involved in the planning stages. I need to know what the focus will be on for the term, this is done by having a discussion with the class teacher and also with other teachers and assistants that are also doing the same topic with the same aged children. By doing this we can share ideas and suggestions. During this meeting we would discuss the curriculum and the department’s goals for the future, the desired outcomes and the range of activities and styles that could be…show more content…
I felt that I lost a bit of the enthusiasm and the fun factor and that may have caused the children to lack enthusiasm and interest. I’m sure that when I get to know the rest of the teaching staff better, I wouldn’t get nervous and continue with the confidence I started with. If pupils see a change in my behaviour when I get nervous due to being watched they may notice this and feel uneasy themselves which may knock their confidence in themselves when they are being assessed and that would be detrimental to their learning and self esteem. My enthusiasm may come across as an allowance to become over excited and silly in the class, this is not what I want to come across, I want them be enthusiastic and alert. I would like to be a good role model for the children and young people that I support. I believe my enthusiasm and confidence will help children and young people self esteem, however I am aware that when I am being assessed by other members of staff that my self doubting and nerves need to be worked on and although I may feel uncomfortable it is important that I don’t show this, this is something that I need to work on and with discussions with the class teacher I know that I will overcome this and work to my full potential. c. Explain how social organisation and relationships may
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