Supporting Learning Development Through Assessment

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DEVELOPMENT THROUGH ASSESSMENT: Supporting Learning Development Through Assessment Holly Williams Grand Canyon University-SED 444 February 27th, 2012 Supporting Learning Development Through Assessment Close your eyes and think back to your favorite teacher. What made him or her your favorite? Was it the way they taught you? Did they teach you in a way that you did not entirely know that you were learning? Did they make you want to know more? Most likely what made them your favorite teacher was something about the way they instructed you made a difference in the way that you learned what they were conveying to you. Teaching is not just sitting at the head of a classroom and teaching that 2+2=4 or how to conjugate a verb…show more content…
I would give an example of this; Stacey has a checklist of all the qualities that she wants in a boyfriend. The list she has consists of 10 must have qualities. Brad asks Stacey out to the dance on Friday night; Brad meet 5 out of the 10 qualities on Stacey’s checklist so Stacey states that she will think about it. Later that day Nolan asks Stacey out to the same dance, but Nolan meets all 10 of Stacey qualities on her checklist. The probability that Stacey will choose Nolan is twice as much as Brad or 2:1. This teaches them probability in simple terms and gives them a memorable example. For the content area of English, students need to demonstrate expertise and accuracy in writing for a variety of specific purposes and audiences, drawing on knowledge of linguistic features to explain and comment on choices made (Language in Use, 2010). To use differentiated instruction in English I would meet the content objectives by having my students make an oral presentation on any current issue or topic that they feel strongly about. I would not be the one grading them; they would be graded by their peers. This would not put too much pressure on my students because they would be able to choose the topic of their choice and they would not be speaking to me, but to their peers. Teaching is not just about drilling a subject into the minds of those students you adorn the plastic seats in front of you each year;
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