Supporting Student Responsibilities

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Supporting student outcomes and holistic wellbeing is an essential role as an educator. To continually improve outcomes and wellbeing it is critical that teachers take on additional roles and responsibilities around the school. Previous experience in these roles and provided me with holistic enjoyment watching students grow into lifelong learners. I have proven the ability to take on additional roles and responsibilities by:

• Facilitating and implementing the Premiers Sporting Challenge and Premiers Reading Challenge, which allowed students to value the passion of reading and healthy living outside of school. Taking on this additional role entailed creating additional assemblies, promoting the event to ensure all students were participating, organising registration and the awards that followed. Through successful promotion 80% of students achieved Gold at Austinmer Public School. These Premier challenges allowed the school and community bond to flourish.

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This role included planning engaging lunchtime lessons for students and a program. Similar interest groups have positively grown to different areas and schools as a result of this concept.

• Demonstrated commitment to PDHPE extra-curricular activities by working with other schools, parents and coaches in organising and officiating PSSA sports (rugby league and basketball). Furthermore, to display my value to commitment, I undertook professional development to obtain my Introductory Level Officiating General Principles and Community Coaching General Principle Certificates.
If selected in the role of full time teacher at Warilla North Public School I would continue to take on additional roles to help assist the school focus of respect and honour and foster students into lifelong
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