Supporting The Federalist 's Constitution

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Supporting The Federalist’s Constitution After the American Revolution the newly formed “government” was far from organized. Yes, the people achieved independence from a unruly and unjust mother country, but at what cost? Not only did this young nation have very little sense of a true structured government, but it was broke with most people were unaware of the situation on in their own country. The first written piece of real structured government was the Articles of Confederation. Although this document was criticized for it failing in the end, it was actually a very important step in the right direction towards a fully function government. Another problem raised during this time was the separation between federalist and anti-federalist. The federalists favored of a strong central government while the opposing anti-federalists sought to split the power among the states more evenly. Additionally the federalists privileged some of the more conventional British policies that were in place before the war. The anti-federalists were in favor of power “for the people”. If I were alive during this time I would be in preference of the constitution and most likely would have associated myself with the federalists. The American government, although currently one of the strongest in the world, started out very shaky. It all started with the articles of confederation, also known as the article of confusion. The US was desperate for some type of authentic government. At the current
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