Supporting a Child's Development with Speech, Language, and Communication

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Within this essay I am going to talk about how a child’s speech, language and communication skills can support their development. I will also talk about the potential impact that these have on a child’s development both in the short and long term. I will then talk about ways in which adults can support and extend a child’s speech, language and communication skills, and the positive effects of adult support can have on the child. Finally, I will talk about how speech and language can vary between children. 1.1 I am going to talk about the importance of supporting children’s speech, language and communication (SLC) skills. There are various different reasons as to why children may struggle with their SLC but there are also many different ways on how to support them with it. There are many terms that may be used when talking about SLC and the support that should be given with it. Speech is a vocalised language and is a verbal communication which is the act of speaking. It consists of the use of words to express thoughts, feelings or ideas. Language is a structured, recognised way of communication that can allow a user to convey anything. This can be by using gestures, signs, symbols or something that is written. Communication is a way of sending out or receiving messages by using body language, facial expressions, gestures and language. The term speech, language and communication needs may also be used. These are additional or special needs that affect a person’s ability to
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