Supporting and Promoting Iowa Wines in the Market Place

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In order to support and promote Iowa wines in the market place, the Iowa Wine Growers Association, assisted by the Midwest Grapes and Wines Industry Institute, has established the Iowa Quality Wine Consortium (IQWC). IQWC will help with consumer awareness and confidence in choosing Iowa quality wines.

Identifying an Iowa Quality Wine
An Iowa IQ Wine will have the Iowa Quality Wine seal placed on the bottle just above the right corner of main label without covering any information (Illustrated in the picture on the right)
Wine Evaluation Process
In order to receive the IQ label, Iowa wines submitted need to pass these three categories: chemical analysis, sensory evaluation and label integrity.
Chemical Analysis
The chemical analysis of the wines will be performed by technical staff at Midwest Grapes and Wines Industry Institutes. The chemical analysis includes the following tests:
• Alcohol (OH)
• Titratable Acidity (TA)
• Volatile Acidity (VA)
• Total SO2
• Stability
Wines must pass all of these tests in order to undergo sensory evaluation.
Alcohol (OH)
What is it? The Alcohol (OH) test measures the concentration of Ethanol in a wine, which is determined by comparing the boiling points between water and the wine.
Why is it important? The alcohol is said to be the “soul” of the wine. Therefore, the final taste of the wine depends a lot on the alcohol that is present in it. Without alcohol, the taste, the smell, and the texture of the wine would be very

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