Supportive Breastfeeding Research Papers

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This paper about the research of people forms School of Community Health Science to exam the relationship between breastfeeding initiation and duration under supportive breastfeeding law at the level of the state. They use 3 measure of breastfeeding practices such as a report of breastfeeding infant, mother's breastfeeding initiation and report of infants being breastfed for at least months, these data were collected under eight supportive breastfeeding laws. That research provides an evidence-based date to determine the necessary of government action to protect, promote and support breastfeeding to reach the goal of breastfeeding initiation and duration in 2020.
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Enforce laws of protecting workplace pumping breast milk;(7) Free breastfeeding from public indecency laws; (8) provide campaigns about breastfeeding awareness and education about it. Breastfeeding practices were examined form 2 group: breastfeeding infant and mother for 18 to 45 year-old who had a live child. The question Mother's general information such as age, ethnicity, poverty status, income, education, marital status, working time and type of employer of mother also includes in the study because these factors can impact on the decision of breastfeeding.The result showed that there was a greater percent of infant who ever breastfeeds in states where promoting breastfeeding laws presents, infants who were breastfeeding for at least 6 months have greater proportion in the state with enforcement of pumping laws and exemption from jury duty. Associate to infant report, there was a great percent of mother start or continue breastfeeding in states which law protecting breastfeed in public
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