Supreme Court Of The United States

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Supreme Courts Nomination in the United States
The Supreme Court is considered the highest-ranking court the in the United States. It is composed of nine judges referred to as justices. The main purpose of having these justices is so that they can make rulings on cases that the junior court cannot settle. Supreme Court judges make the final decision on whether a law is consistent with the underlying constitution. All Supreme Court justices serve lifetime appointments, which means they serve until they either die or retire. According to the Constitution, as stated in Article II, it 's the president 's job to nominate another Supreme Court justice if the seat is declared vacant. The Senate must then go through the process of approval or rejection of the nominee, which means that at least 50% plus one of the senators must approve for the nomination to be confirmed. This process takes a few months, mostly not more than 125 days. However, there have been cases where it takes longer especially in cases where the nominee is rejected. Supreme Court vacancies can be considered as perfect political storms. Appointments are relatively boring, but the untimely passing of Justice Antonin Scalia has made this vacancy a political war venue. To begin with, Republicans hold 54 seats in the Senate; this means that they have the ability to block the president 's nominations. The fact that the majority wins is what makes the majority party stand strongest. Also, the…
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