Surf Up at Patagonia

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Surf’s Up at Patagonia. Question 1) Patagonia stresses the importance of hiring employees with passion- a passion for anything, not just sports. Why do they place such importance on passion? Why would they think that someone with a passion for something unrelated to sports (i.e. cooking) might be an excellent employee for their company? Answer. HRM department of any firm would desire the best employees while recruiting. It is because money and most importantly time is used up in training them. So the main objectives would be to hire very efficient and loyal employees. Efficient and motivated workers would also mean Labor Turnover at its minimum. Through these techniques a firm can save up huge chunk of money which can be invested…show more content…
If the firm is more ethically responsible then the employees will feel proud to work at the firm. Patagonia shares a vast corporate social responsibility. Moreover, the employees can also choose where to donate money and where not. Sense of achievement will work upon the employees while selecting donating groups. The employees will also feel ethically responsible. This proudness for the firm will lead them to be more devoted towards their managers and Patagonia. And this devotion will obviously be reflected on their work, they will me more efficient and careful. By both ways the employees at Patagonia will become more efficient and thus there will be minimum wastage of resources and maximized profit for Patagonia. Question 3) Can you see possible abuses of a flextime program? What does a company do to prevent such abuses before they occur? Answer. Flextime is a facility a firm provides to its employees. Employees can choose their desired holidays and also working hours. It’s a key to help employees with the fixed universal working hours. Flextime is designed, especially in Patagonia, so that an employee can proactively maintain work-life balance. Now, there are also some fallbacks of flextime hours which can stated as follows: Efficiency of work may decrease due to reluctance to work during business hours. Employees may take the job too easily and might later face a haphazard situation, for

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