Surface Acting Essay

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In the past, emotions were believed to be disruptive and organizations worked to make emotion-free environments. This is an interesting concept to me because since I have been working, I can prove that emotions drive performance. Depending on the particular person, whether someone is in a good or a bad mood, it can motivate him or her to perform better in the workplace. People have had emotions their entire life and it is something that cannot be separated from them.

There are many factors that affect emotions that we discussed in class, such as, weather, social activities, sleep, and exercise. In class, you mentioned how weather has an illusory correlation and it has no real impact on how people feel. I found this particularly interesting
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Surface acting is hiding one’s feelings and trying to display another. Deep acting is trying to modify how one is feeling in order to adjust to the workplace. Both surface and deep acting are difficult to do especially if you are feeling a particular way. As a receptionist, it is my job to always have a positive attitude when answering the phone calls and greeting customers and visitors. When I am not in a great mood and worried about something else going on in my life, this causes emotional dissonance and causes me to feel fatigued and stressed out. Depending on certain jobs, people need to be able to separate their emotions from what is actually occurring. For example, if an oncologist is losing a patient, they have to have the ability and not show remorse for that patient. If a doctor is seen in front of a patient crying or upset, it is seen as unprofessional and can actually lead the patient to feeling more distressed. Since emotions cannot be separated from a person, they should not be altered or should be hidden either. Depending on the situation, a certain feeling may not be able to drive performance, and may in fact weaken the person’s motivation to do what they are supposed to do at their job. In this case, emotions are disruptive, and if someone is going to be disruptive at work and let their emotions get the best of them, then they should learn to better
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