Surface Book Is A Tablet Laptop Device That Is Well Designed And Created By Microsoft Surface

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Surface Book is a tablet-laptop device that is well designed and created by Microsoft Surface, part of the Microsoft Enterprise. Surface Book is outstanding from different surfaces mostly because of its separable Keyboard, which is made of a dynamic fulcrum hinge. The keyboard carries a second battery other than the one inside the main screen to increase the battery 's life. Opposite to Surface Pro that is a tablet, Surface Book is the first ever Microsoft laptop. ( Microsoft announced the creation of Surface Book on October 6, 2015, at Windows 10 Devices Event. Panos Panay, the vice president of Surface Computing, announced this device as being a laptop that is going to compete with the with the MacBook Pro of the Apple Corporation. They also announced that Surface Book is compatible with the Surface Pen, and it has all of the features of the Microsoft Surface alongside with new and fascinating features. ( Surface Book, according to, consists of a screen with a 13.5 inches (34 cm), and 3000x2000 resolution that allows this device work like other laptops. It also has a detachable keyboard that allows Surface Book to function both as laptop and a tablet. To reach this purpose, Microsoft constructed the hinge by nickel titanium. Nickel titanium contracts to electrical current, therefore pressing the release button can separate the hinge from the keyboard. This hinge is known as the dynamic fulcrum hinge. This hinge of the surface also
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