Surfaces and Guideways

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Surfaces and Guideways Introduction Basic Components Structural Design of Pavements Portland Cement Concrete Design Asphalt Concrete Pavement Design THE END Thank you Surface - the term surface refers to Roadway pavement which includes Portland Cement concrete, treated soil (gravel or other aggregate materials) and Asphalt concrete Guideway - A track along which Automated Transit Vehicles are guided. Guideway include monorails, concrete guideway for rubber tired vehicles and conventional duo-rail steel-on-steel railroad track Surface Course - also known as the pavement. It is the material laid over the Base Course consisting of Asphalt Concrete or Portland Cement Concrete. Base Course - is the material laid on top of the sub grade …show more content…
These are caused by poorly constructed construction joints and shrinkage of the asphalt concrete surface. Raveling - Wearing away the pavement surface caused by dislodging of aggregate particles and binders. This is usually a result of insufficient asphalt binder in the mix or stripping of asphalt from particles of aggregate. Drip Track Raveling - Progressive disintegration of the surface between wheel paths caused by dripping of gasoline oil from vehicle Bleeding or Flushing - The exuding of bitumen on to the pavement surface causing reduction in skid resistance. Bleeding is generally caused by excessive amount of asphalt in the mix or low air void content. It occurs in the mix in hot weather. Types of pavement distress affecting Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Faulting - Elevation difference between adjacent slabs at transverse joints. Settlement - local sagging in the pavement caused by differential settlement, consolidation or movement of the underlying earth mass. Blowup - localized upward buckling and shattering of the slabs at transverse joints or cracks joint or crack spalling - the breakdown or disintegration of slab edge at joints or cracks. Surface Abrasion - Abnormal surface wear, usually resulting form poor quality surface mortar or course aggregate Surface polish - loss of the original surface texture due to traffic action Maintenance and rehabilitation actions for

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