Surge Of Identity Through The Tobacco Industry Essay

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Surge of identity through the tobacco industry
The 1960’s is infamous for its sense of freedom: the age of the hippies, bell bottoms, long free hair, rock n’ roll and love. Though, what people do not bluntly address is the lack of representation among the African American society. Fear harnessed the 1960’s with the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War, and the assassinations of both John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. In a way for the people to cope with the fear and anger of what was going on, people smoked. Tobacco companies profited from this largely. A large portion of their revenue came from the African American population. Despite the controversy and discrimination, the African American portion of the population brought in the large amount of income to the tobacco companies and in return helped bring a feel of equality in the black community. There had been a substantial lack of African American representation in the 1960’s that changed because of the representation tobacco industries offered.
Before African American cigarette ads, the only ads consisting of Negros were racist advertisements of black cartoons. Ads that emphasized the work of blacks promoted cleanliness. They illustrated ideas that if it could clean blacks than it would do wonders for others but the ads never depicted the characters as human like (Lang). All ads marketed the idea of dehumanizing the African American people. It was not until the tobacco industries began marketing the black community
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