Surgery Rotation Essay

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My experience during the surgery rotation was a good experience and interesting. The most interesting of them all was the hysterectomy procedure. The procedure was done by a robot, which I found intriguing. What I learned about this procedure is that it requires an abundant amount of team work; one task can not be performed or done without the help of someone else. I also learned that everyone has a responsibility. What I also found interesting was that the patient did not have to be cut open for the removal of the uterus. I was surprised at how small the uterus and ovaries really are. The reason for the procedure was stated that the patient was having problems with pain and heaving bleeding from their uterus. The procedure lasted around thirty…show more content…
The nurse also charts everything that happened. Some policies implanted to maintain an infection free site, would be to properly wash hands/cleanliness and to maintain sterility. The reason behind the SCIP is to prevent complications of infection before the procedure. Prior to surgery the patient did get an antibiotic. Glucose control is monitored because it deals with wound healing. Glucose is a part of infection control because it will allow the cells to have energy and heal properly. If too much sugar is in the blood, the patient will have slow wound healing, which could cause an infection if not taken care of. Hair removal plays a role in infection because hair tends to carry certain types of bacteria. Hair removal can also lead to a wound if not performed properly which could get infected. Removal of the hair allows for the site to be cleaner then it was before. Hypothermia plays a role in infection control because most bacterial organism are not able to live in the cold. If the patient’s body is cold, there is a less chance of the patient getting an infection because the organisms would not
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