Surgical Apparel And Treatment Of Hair Removal

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Skill #5 Kirstin Krueger #21839116 Surgical apparel Closed donning up close For Each Surgery: Before the procedures I gathered the supplies needed - A surgery pack, suture material, gloves and a gown for the doctor, and I set up the surgery table by turning it on and covering it with a clean towel. I then made sure that the oxygen level was on full and that the isoflurane in the anesthesia machine was full. I made sure that the correct size breathing tubes and bag were also on the machine, surgery fluids were hung and ready to be connected to the patient, and the monitoring machine we have was ready to go. Recap from Skill #1 and #2: Preparation - Done in the prep room…show more content…
As soon as the patient is positioned on the table, a thorough skin prep is completed. With new, clean scrub, we clean the skin with chlorhexidine scrub from the prep tray, then rinse scrub with alcohol squares. This is repeated a total of 3 times, since the all gross debris has been removed from our first scrub. I begin each scrub in the center of the scrubbed area, over the planned incision site, and scrub in a ‘bulls eye’ pattern toward the periphery, never going back to the center with the same gauze sponge. The skin preparation should be thorough but gentle to avoid unnecessary skin trauma. The final application of chlorhexidine solution is allowed to remain on the skin. It is important that the skin preparation is started as soon as the animal is on the surgery table to allow for maximum scrub and contact time between antimicrobial and the skin. After skin prep is complete, finish securing legs and make final adjustments in lighting. Limbs are tied to help stabilize the patient. Soft ropes are double looped over each leg. One loop above the carpus and one below on the front legs, and one loop above and below the tarsus on the hind legs are sufficient to hold the animal’s legs. The legs are tied to the surgical table without slack in the rope using a quick release knot if possible. (This is also known as the halter tie knot used in livestock and can be quickly released in case the patient needs to be repositioned in an emergency) In large, deep-chested

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