Surgical Site Infection

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Surgical Site Infection

In the United States surgical site infections is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in hospital acquired infections. Surgical site infections are just one type of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) but I believe they are one of the most preventable. A surgical site infection is an infection of a wound that occurs after an invasive surgical procedure. It can take days before the patient even shows signs or symptoms of an infection. “Infection develops when the number and activity of bacteria in the wound overwhelm the patient’s immune system, resulting in tissue breakdown and delayed healing” (Gould, D. 2012). This paper will begin by describing exactly what surgical site infections are and the
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It is impossible to completely prevent surgical site infection because there are many risk factors that are uncontrollable. For example one risk factor is being in surgery for more than two hours. There are many times that a patient has to be in surgery for longer than two hours; in time like these all medical staff can do is catch surgical site early to reduce complications. Many times the infection occurs because of micro-organisms that are on either the surgical team or surgical instruments. Carefully monitoring the patient after surgery while still in the hospital and frequently having them come for check-ups once they are discharged are some ways to help prevent SSIs. The earlier SSI is detected the better it is for the patient and physician since there are many legal implications related to surgical site infections. Surgical site infections are not just a problem for the patients; they have legal implications that affect both the physicians and the organization. In the United States there are twenty-seven states that have enacted laws that require hospitals and healthcare facilities to report data related to hospital acquired infections. The Center of Disease Control National Healthcare Safety is the only national system designed for the collection of hospital

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