Surgical Site Infections Essay

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In recent years, surgical site infections are verified as one of the most errors that are common in the healthcare; however, they are also preventable. These research papers will synthesis information about surgical infections, patient experience, hospital-acquired conditions and achievement of expected treatment for specific clinical diagnoses. A surgical site infection is an infected condition in the body after surgery has occurred. Surgical site infections are caused by germs, called bacteria. Different types of bacteria from the environment may cause a delay in healing. The infection may come from surgical tools or bacteria on the skin if it is not clean correctly. Healthcare professionals use certain guidelines and
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Surgeons rely on technology, from diathermy to the operating room lights, assistance and team work. The conscientious staff should always ensure that the equipment is functioning and reliable. Hospital acquired conditions are medical complications that has a negative impact on patients during their hospital stay. Medicaid or additional services are not reliable to pay the hospital for any conditions that were developing while in the hospital. Based on surveys through several studies, expertise shows that medical conditions and errors are preventable. The beginning process of surgery usually starts with the patients preparations. Healthcare providers will remove hair that is on the body to be operated on. Patients who are diabetics must have their blood sugar monitor. Before any surgical procedure, healthcare nurses must interview the patient if they are scheduled to have surgery. The steps are getting blood withdrawn for lab work, receiving and E.K.G and information on past medical history. This type of process is to make sure the patient is healthier enough to undergo surgery. The preoperative phase which is the first stage used to perform tests; however the results of testing may come out wrong due to a malfunction in the machine. This can lead to a surgical infections and errors during prep and procedures. The goal of perioperative care is to provide
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