Essay on Surgical Site Infections

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Surgical site infections are considered preventable. Because such infections are considered preventable, there are legal consequences directly connected to such a condition. In this paper, I will discuss what an SSI is and the reasons on why it is considered to be preventable. I will also discuss the role of disclosure and legal implications that are related to SSIs, accreditation expectations, and continuous quality monitoring as it relates to SSIs.
A surgical site infection, or SSI, is an infection of a wound that was made due to surgery. Such infections can be superficial (infection of skin only) and other infections can be more serious (deep tissue infection). A superficial infection at the surgical site is defined as “an infection
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Because SSI rates for healthcare facilities are made public, patients are able to gain knowledge of how well their facility SSI prevention practices work. “It is moving fast and furiously because consumers are pleased with the progress that has been made in reducing central line infections,” says Linda Greene, MPS, RN, CIC, director, infection prevention, Rochester General Health System, Rochester, New York. The public now expects the same transparency for SSIs” (Patterson, P., 2011) .Facilities that participate in Medicare must report their SSI for certain procedures; the list of procedures to report continues to grow as patients’ demand for listed procedures grow. ” SSI data will be reported through the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a secure, web-based surveillance system for reporting data on infections and other events. The data can then be used for analysis, facility comparisons, and quality improvement.” (Patterson, P., 2011) Hospitals will, and should, continuously search for new ways to increase their quality of care. Having a great overall rating for a low number of incidences of SSIs can only boost their ratings. Along with the unfortunate incidences of SSIs come legal implications. Of course, involving the legal system in cases of SSIs are desired to be avoided but
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