Surgical Sterilization

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In the healthcare environment, all instruments and equipment must be sterilized and appropriately packaged prior to use. Instrument preparation and wrapping is an important part of surgery as they help tame infection and disease with patients undergoing surgical procedures. As surgical technologists, it is important to know how to properly prepare and wrap instruments because within the life of a scrub nurse they may also have to do just that when no other personnel are available and it also aids when trying to determine if the object is safe to use on the surgical patient. Any item that is used on or inside a patient in the surgical setting must go through a rigorous process that includes being cleaned, checked for damage, and prepared for…show more content…
Certain instruments must be separated in order for the sterilization process to work correctly; for the steam to completely penetrate all areas of the item in question. For example, the Bookwalter retractor is assembled with ninety-six individual pieces. Prior to sterilization, this retractor must be unassembled, then go through the appropriate sterilization process, and then finally be reassembled for use. Instruments must be unassembled first, to make sure that all parts are exposed to the disinfectant before being…show more content…
Surgical technologists must be able to identify if instruments have been prepared and packaged properly in order to maintain their sterile field and ensure the patient’s safety. Knowledge of instrument preparation and wrapping is a must for a scrub nurse in order to correctly identify what instruments are safe to use and what are contaminated and can’t be used on patients. Surgical technologists may also have to sterilize their own instruments or equipments at times, so this knowledge comes in handy when there are no other personnel to help along with the process. Concisely, instrument preparation and wrapping is one of the most basic and significant aspects of surgery as it determines whether or not an instrument, implant, or any other equipment is safe for use on a patient. There are various sterilization methods and packaging alternatives, however all medical tools must be correctly prepped and wrapped in their appropriate container. Instrument wrapping and packaging are essential in uphold aseptic
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