Surgical Technologists Are Significant Members Of The Surgical Team Essay

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Surgical technologists are significant members of the surgical team. A surgical technologist’s job is to deliver patient care in the operating room before, after, and during surgery as members of the surgical team and they are most responsible for maintaining a sterile field. Although their exact duties will vary the surgical technologist must always maintain active certification and further your education to call yourself a Certified Surgical Technologist.
History of Aseptic Technique
It all began with Joseph Lister a pioneer in antiseptic surgical approaches introduced new principles of cleanliness which transformed surgical practice in the late 1800s. We take it for granted that a surgeon will guard a patient 's safety by using aseptic methods. But this was not always the case, and until Lister introduced sterile surgery, a patient could undergo a procedure successfully only to die from a postoperative infection known as ‘ward fever’. Lister read about the experiments in fermentation conducted by French chemist Louis Pasteur and conducted his own experiments to conclude that micro-organisms were responsible for the infections in patients. He set about trying to find an effective method of eliminating the micro-organisms by exposing them to strong chemicals. After extensive experimentation, he found an effective antiseptic in carbolic acid. He treated the surgical instruments and wounds of patients with the chemical and discovered that when the solution was swabbed on

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