Surgical Wound Infection Essay

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According to Walker and Avant (1995), concept analysis allows nursing to examine the attributes or characteristics of the concept.

* Concept Analysis of the Surgical Wound Infection ?

I will like to identify patients conditions and other factors contribute to the development of

Surgical Wound infections.

* Determine the aims or purposes of analysis
The purpose is to understand the effect of environment in surgical wound infections.
Prevention of infection requires the application of the principles of microbiology and accept practice.
Measure of this concept is based on the stages of wound healing and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention guidelines defining surgical site infection as occurring 30 days
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Koch (Professor of Hygiene and Microbiology, Berlin, 1843-1910) first recognized the cause of infective foci as secondary to microbial growth in his 19th century postulates. Semmelweis (Austrian obstetrician,
1818-1865) demonstrated a 5-fold reduction in puerperal sepsis by hand washing between performing postmortem examinations and entering the delivery room. Joseph Lister (Professor of Surgery, London,
1827-1912) and Louis Pasteur (French bacteriologist, 1822-1895) revolutionized the entire concept of wound infection. Lister recognized that antisepsis could prevent infection.[1] In 1867, Lister placed carbolic acid into open fractures to sterilize the wound and to prevent sepsis and hence the need for amputation. In 1871, Lister began to use carbolic spray in the operating room to reduce contamination.
However, the concept of wound suppuration persevered even among eminent surgeons, such as John
Hunter, 1728-1793.[2]
As late as the 19th century, aseptic surgery was not routine practice. Sterilization of instruments began in the 1880s as did the wearing of gowns, masks, and gloves. Halsted (Professor of Surgery, Johns
Hopkins University, United States, 1852-1922) introduced rubber gloves to his scrub nurse (and future wife) because she was developing skin irritation from the chemicals used to disinfect instruments. The routine use of
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