Surprise, Security, And The American Experience

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Review of surprise, security, and the American experience
There are a lot of things analyze the shifts in American foreign policy have been written before the famous day America lose it sense of security Sept 11. Thing like news reports, articles and books. Theses are some of those books :Rogue Nation, The Bubble of American Supremacy, Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State.
There are some books who are against America that don 't hesitate to compare it to evil countries like Germany during ww2. Then there are book that claim that the CIA was actually behind the 9/11 attacks. Then there is Surprise, Security, and the American Experience, a non bias attempt to analyze America foreign policy in its real context and without any unwanted criticism. The author is John Lewis Gaddis, a historian of the cold war, who taught at Ohio University and Yale.
Now in Surprise, Security, and the American Experience, there were three big shifts in the history of united states foreign policy, each one was by a surprise attack on America. The first one happen when the British sacked Washington on August 24, 1814. This exposure of America led John Quincy Adams, as President, to come up with ways the U.S. Should define it self.
Adams was aware of the fact that the United States had a lot of borders to defend,but only limited means with which to defend them. So Adams can up with the idea that the us should get as much land as possible to stop pirates and other
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