Surprise Trip

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We landed in Seattle, the airport wasn't very crowed, and smelt of fast food, the small airport matched the small airplane we flew on. I looked over at my brothers, the twins, Dimitri and Vladimir, there handsome faces contoured into a look of disgust. Then I looked to my father, Lucius, he was smiling brightly, his bright blue eyes scanning his surroundings, his smile never faded. It was hard to comprehend a reason to why we would leave our home in Texas. I was born and raised in Waxahachie, Texas and I truly loved my hometown. My friends and family all there, and the heritage in the town was remarkable. To leave my old Victorian home was unbearable to do, being raised in the same house for seventeen years, to know every crack in a wall,…show more content…
I leaned my forehead against the window, the coolness soothed me, taking a deep breathe I turned around taking in my surroundings.

My new room was much bigger than one I had in Texas, my father made sure it was fashioned the way I liked it, it was slightly different bedroom the way she had it in Texas. The whole room had classical theme, my grand piano sitting in one of the three alcoves, with my music on the shelves of the alcove. The room was to big for me, making me feel like it was going to swallow me whole.

Sighing I walking slowly to my bed, laying down, I stared at the pattern on the canopy above me. A knock sounded at my door. "Yes?" My light southern accented voice was quiet.

"Dad, wants you Caz,said that were having some kind of family meeting." my brother,Vladimir, said his southern accent ringing in the large hallway,"Have you seen Dimitri? I can't find him anywhere." Finally coming into my room, looking around for his twin.

"I think he's outback reading." I said, as I walked out of my bedroom. "This house is massive, Vlad." I said as we walked through the long hallway, and down the long flight of stairs.

"It is isn't it? Ahh, me and Dimitri like it though. Finally got my own room." He said placing a loving kiss on my head, I stood at the end of the stares. "I think dad wanted to introduce us to someone." Vlad took my hand, and led
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