Surrealism : An Art Movement

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Surrealism was an art movement based on dreams, unconscious thought and defying conventional logic. It grew out of the earlier avant-garde movement called Dada in the 1920s.
Dada was about chaos and rejecting logic and rationality, and was also referred to as anti-art. Just like Surrealism it often featured bizarre imagery that didn 't make sense.

Famous surrealist artists include Salvador Dalí, René Magritte, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, Max Ernst, and Frida Kahlo (although she rejected the label).

Dali 's "The Persistence of Memory", one of the most famous surrealist paintings

Painting and sculpture are what gave Surrealism its fame, but it was also important in literature, music, and of course film. Some of the most well-known Surrealist artists even directed some movies.

The first film I 'll mention is Rhythmus 21. It was directed by a German artist named Hans Richter who was influenced by cubism and was part of the Dada movement.

Rhythmus 21 was completely abstract, 3 minutes long, and black and white. There are no actors or dialogue, just shapes growing in size and moving about the screen. The short is one of the earliest and most influential abstract films.

Next, there 's the 1923 short Return to Reason by the prominent Dada/Surrealist artist Man Ray.

Born in 1890 in Pennsylvania, Man Ray became known for his photography and painting in the 1910s and 1920s. He ended up being part of the first Surrealist exhibition held in Paris in 1925.

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