Surrealism and Femininity

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Surrealism and femininity - A2098336 Introduction Surrealism is type of cultural movement that came into being in 1920s and it is renowned for the visual artworks and writings. The main aim of the emergence of surrealism was to get a solution to what was a previously contradictory condition between dream and reality. Artists painted illogical, unnerving scenes that had photographic precession. They also created strange creatures from the objects that existed everyday. They were also able to develop techniques in painting which allowed what was not conscious to express itself. The work of surrealists features elements like surprise, juxtapositions that are unexpected and non sequitur. On the other hand many surrealist artists and writers term their work as being an expression of philosophical movement in the first place and their work being artifacts. History of surrealism The work surrel was coined by an art critic and poet Guillaume Apollinaire. Upon his death another artist Andre Breton published a manifesto of Surrealism in this manifesto he describe surrealism as attempting to transmute the two states that seem contradictory which are dream and reality into a kind of reality that is absolute which is of surreality. When people think of Surrealism they think of Salvador Dali and memory important think to note is that since its emergence surrealism as global particularly as early surrealists existence such as Andre Breton and Marcel Duchamp used
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