Surrogacy in the United States

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It is a rather disturbing experience for any woman to find out that for one reason or the other she may not become pregnant and have children of her own. In such cases, she may undergo assisted reproductive technology and adoption attempts. But if they fail, the only remaining option she will have is surrogacy. (Sclater, 2003) Surrogacy is an understanding or an arrangement in which one woman carries and then delivers a child for another person or couple. The woman who carries the child is known as the surrogate mother and she may be genetically linked to the child or entirely unrelated to it. The agreement made by the surrogate is usually in the form of a contract and thus a fee is charged for it. This type of arrangement is known as commercial surrogacy, however, there are cases where surrogacy is done simply on altruistic terms. (Sclater, 2003) A woman agrees to become a surrogate for a couple mostly because the wife is infertile or is incapable of carrying a fetus. There are widely two types of surrogacy arrangements. One is traditional surrogacy where a child is conceived through artificial insemination through the use of either a fresh or frozen sperm or impregnated into the uterus via intrauterine insemination in a health clinic. Here the surrogate is genetically related to the child. The other type of surrogacy arrangement is the gestational surrogacy which requires that a previously created embryo be implanted into the womb of the surrogate. This is the most
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