Surrogate Advertising

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CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 The concept of Surrogate Advertising 1 History of Surrogate Advertising 2 Current Scenario 2 The sugar coated pill called Surrogate Advertising 3 The need of the hour 3 As students studying Ethics and Indian Values 4

Surrogate Advertising Ethical

Advertising has become a big tool for disseminating product Information. It is being done through different media – banners, radio, television & lately the internet. Advertisement in general has also drawn Public ire & government intervention time and again – either for moving away from truth and the consumers 'right to know' or for creating
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On one end, it is detested with remarks like the job of marketer is not to make society a better place or to save the world. He is mainly there to sell more and earn good profits for the shareholders in a legal way. There is an ethical question. The government is keen that surrogate advertising does not advertise liquor; to that extent the surrogate advertising is wrong. But manufacturers have every right to sell the product; further the industry on its own has demonstrated the maturity and sense of responsibility to promote instruments of advocacy of restraint and moderation in consumption of alcoholic products. Society for Alcohol Related Social Policy Initiative (SASPI) is a self-evident initiative in this direction. Mc Dowell's and Seagram's have undertaken campaigns for responsible drinking. Some others also believe that when the license to set up the industry, manufacture and sale is given, it would be suicidal for the authorities to take a high moral ground and stop the advertisement. The tobacco and liquor industry provide a major chunk to the exchequer in the form of the Central and State excise and under other tax heads.

On the other side, there are few people
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