Surveillance And The Surveillance Of Surveillance

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In today’s online world, it is almost impossible to remain anonymous. With every website and service requiring a log in which stores personal information, and surveillance users are unaware is even there. Although this sounds like an invasion of personal privacy and loss of personal liberty, it has turned into the “norm” and most of the time goes on without even being questioned. In some cases, consensual surveillance has been turned into forms of entertainment. The average person online is very aware of the surveillance taking place, but it is likely they are unaware of the severity of the surveillance and the justification behind it. It is known that the main use of surveillance is to keep citizens safe and free from terrorist attacks…show more content…
This gives organizations information that the user may not aware is being recorded and shared. Without knowing it, we are leaving “ electronic fingerprints” with every mouse click, every phone call, is recorded and used for analysis purposes, which tend to be justified through the idea that it is used to help protect civilians from terrorist or other threats. Though surveillance is used to protect society, it can go as far as to even control and monitor society. In countries like China, the government uses surveillance to censor what is available to the public, and therefore allows the leaders of the country to maintain a tighter grip on society. The west is considered to be a “ free market”, though the reality of this is a common misconception. Though technically anyone can work there way to the top and become part of the “1%”, it is very difficult for the other 99% of us to achieve that (Martin Hirst, 2014). Though there is no censorship in Canada, there is a great deal of surveillance. The reasoning and justification behind this is to be able to monitor who is a threat and who is not. Through the monitoring, people are divided and categorized. It is then from this process that the state beings to practice “narrowcasting”. This installs a certain way of thinking for the public, thus making it easier for them to accept the idea of surveillance. It is in times where people feel that they are threatened that it is

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