Surveillance Cameras As An Invasion Of Privacy

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Surveillance Cameras as an Invasion of Privacy
The book 1984 by George Orwell is one of the most powerful warnings ever issued to caution the dangers of a totalitarian society. The book describes the worst type of society ever imagined. Until recently, many have overlooked George Orwell’s warning. Today, surveillance cameras are used not only by the government, but also by individuals and businesses as well. They can be seen going anywhere, and they affect everyday lives in one way or another. The growing use of surveillance cameras has led to a large rise in privacy issues. Surveillance cameras are an invasion of privacy and cause more problems than they solve.
There are many threats that already exist from the past, no matter how many times one has deleted it. Previous experiences will always follow, no matter how long it has been. For example, in 2006 psychotherapist Andrew Feldmar drove from Vancouver to pick up a friend in Seattle, something he had done many times before. Nonetheless, a guard decided to do an Internet search and he discovered an academic journal Feldmar wrote five years earlier in 2001. It was revealed to the guard that Feldmar had taken LSD in the 1960s. The guard held him for four hours, fingerprinted him, and requested that he sign a statement that he had taken the drug. Eventually, Feldmar was barred from entering the United States (Golbeck, 2014). The sole purpose the guard said he did an Internet search on the man was because he was
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