Surveillance Cameras Have Helped Tremendously

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In this day and age, increased security measures are being taken everywhere. These measures include bodyguards, security guards, and added surveillance cameras. Most Americans want to feel and be safe, but they aren’t always ready for the extent that it will take to be safe. The major issues of getting these cameras are the money and time it takes to get them operating in the best way they can. In many cases examined, surveillance cameras have helped tremendously. Now, it’s just a matter of improving these cameras. The amount of good a surveillance camera can do far outweighs the harm; therefore, they should be kept and used in even more places and situations.
Surveillance cameras have been around for a little over fifty years, while security guards have been around a lot longer (“DIY Peace of Mind” para 1). Just about all security guards perform some of the same types of duties. In the end, they are all hired to monitor and protect something. Sometimes they are here to protect people, and other times they are here to protect and guard property. They are there to keep theft to a minimum, while also keeping lives safe. Security guard jobs or responsibilities differ depending on size, type, and location of where the security guard is working. Most guards deal with people first hand, but not all the time. The security guards are walking around or sitting checking out the area around them. They are making sure everything is going smoothly, and there is no harm done; kind of…
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