Surveillance Of U.s. Citizens

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Ameer Lee
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In this day and age it is very hard to be secretive or private about affair, whether it be business or the other sense of the word when two people come together as forbidden lovers, ask Bill Clinton. One often acquires a feeling of eeriness while alone or when the phone rings and no one is there. And that individual labels these incidents as paranoia or thinks nothing of it. But what if this isn’t coincidence? What if someone has tapped lines and to ensure it is working the phone rings. Remember that “Collect call from”, the government you received yesterday? Wake up people. Surveillance of U.S. Citizens is real. The NSA is videotaping, tapping the phone lines and watching us watching them. That feeling an individual undergoes is not just paranoia. It is the third sense presently telling U.S.A to wake up because someone is always watching. According to the NSA website NSA stands for National Security Agency, “home to America 's codemakers and codebreakers.” NSA is an intelligence organization created by the U.S government to collect data and keeps surveillance on the U.S. to prevent and detect possible threats. This organization now joined with the CSS, Central Security service, according to the shared website has been partnered together since 1972. And they are stronger than before and now is a informant to Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, government agencies, industry partners, and select allies and coalition…
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