Surveillance and Information Gathering:the Role of the Nation State, Military and Citizenry

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Within any society, information gathering and surveillance mechanisms exist. The sophistication of this information gathering varies, but at all levels; the information gathered can be received voluntarily or involuntarily. The collection of information, whether it is surveillance received at a traffic road crossing, or satellite images from outer space, occurs every day. Everyday life is subject to monitoring, checking and scrutinizing. To find a place or an activity, which is shielded from some kind of surveillance device is difficult. The ability for governments to have such surveillance capabilities is due to the growth of computer application areas and technical enhancement that are central to surveillance. The ability of nation…show more content…
He further explains this requirement by stating, that a nation state must hold both `allocative resources' and `authoritative resources.' He believes that in order for these resources to be achieved, effective surveillance is a prerequisite. Giddens argues that the nation state had a particular interest in and reliance upon information gathering and storage. The gathering and storage of information is part of a "contract between the nation state and its members ... are a battery of citizenship rights and duties." The first duty of any government is to protect its frontiers, due to this there is an insatiable hunger for information. This hunger is amplified by possible threats to a nation's border, whether real or perceived. This growing need for information has caused for the creation of a massive "system of interlined technologies to routinely and continuously monitor and inspect events and activities - military and civilian - around the globe." The contact between nation state and citizen, allows for each citizen to have many rights and duties. Rights that are commonly held include a right to education, to vote, to hold a passport, to a minimum level of income, to health treatment

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