Surveillance and Repression in 1984

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Society in the novel had to face surveillance and repression from a day to day basis, they were being watched at all times with no privacy even in their own home. Such surveillance and repression is what Winston Smith one of the main characters in the novel had to go through. Winston Smith a 39 year old and member of the society is completely against Big Brother and his party. Smith beliefs in the existence of a secret brother hood who is plotting the takedown of Big Brother, which he wants to join. Smith is not the only one going against the party’s ideal beliefs, his lover Julia is also against the party. The party makes it almost impossible for society to revolt against them. Smith, however manages to somewhat revolt against the party by committing a variety of crimes. The crimes range from keeping a secret diary where he writes how much hatred he has for big brother. The act of having an affair with Julia and commits taught crime that is severely punished in society. Smith and
Julia’s belief of the secret brotherhood leads them into trusting O’Brien, a high ranking member of the totalitarian party. O’Brien however betrays them by lying to them about the secret brotherhood and gets them arrested by the taught police. Smith and…
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