Surveillance for Crime Prevention Essay

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Why do we as American's fear of becoming the victim of a crime? Reality is that we as individuals of the United States only have a two-percent chance of becoming the victim of a violent crime. Surveillance is starting to become high in demand for businesses, offices, and even inside and outside of homes solely because we are taught that crime is always happening to someone, somewhere. From personal experience, I feel as if surveillance cameras are not only one of the best ways to prevent crime, but it also increases the possibility to catch the individual(s) who choose to engage in a deviant act or actions. Although alarm systems can be effective, they do not identify who is committing the crime. The alarm systems simply tell the …show more content…
Individuals claim that the states throughout our country are always being watched by the Government; our every move, our every purchase, and even our every commute to and from work are being monitored. Welsh and Farrington(2004) both agree in explaining that the closed-circuit television(CCTV) is doing the exact same thing. "America is on the verge of becoming a 'surveillance society' (Stanley and Steinhardt, 2003:1)" (Welsh, 2004: 2). George Orwell discusses that “Every single technical device that has been invented, restored, or refurbished in the last ten years is becoming an increasing negative towards individuals freedom of interference”, but Welsh and Farrington seem to disagree. "Fact is, there are no longer any barriers to the Big Brother regime portrayed by George Orwell" (Welsh, 2004:2). Clark and Homel (1997) mention in this study that they have classified three different forms of surveillance when it comes to the prevention of any given situational crime. In their opinion, the three different types of surveillance contain formal surveillance, natural surveillance, and surveillance by employees. Clark and Homel (1997) explain why the reason they came about with these different types of situation crime preventions is because they are comparing the effectiveness of these surveillances by examination of the outcome of what is

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