Surveillance in America

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Orwell had a vision of a dystopia that had no freedom. His main goal was to picture “what might society be like when his son is his age, if the injustice and suffering he had witnessed during WWII continued unchecked” (Agathocleous 7)? He was concerned for the welfare of his son. Wanting to make sure his son would grow up and not worry about things that he is given from birth. Orwell accuracy in his notions So, when asked about his dystopia Orwell’s only response was “a dark terrifying vision of a world without freedom”. (Agathocleous 7) A world without freedom is hard to imagine seeing that the majority of all living things thrive from freedom. Big Brothers tries to squelch the people of Oceania’s freedom which then causes the American…show more content…
The court complimented the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 which gave the court “the power to review petitions made by telecommunication companies.” The companies were trying to keep their customers happy. With all the new ways of being watched and spied on people were getting complaints; therefore they wanted the ability to keep all phone records from the government without due cause. The easiest most effective way to keep the records confidential was to make sure the police have a warrant to receive the records. In 1984 the Thought Police found no need for search warrants they just search and seize. There is no limit on what the Thought Police and Big brother have access to unlike the U.S. government.The prime objective of the FISC is to insure the citizens safety from terrorist attacks. Along with the court came special rules and laws they had to follow or even establish.The court had the right to stop any officer of the law from veering into the privacy of the people. Oceania had no such laws or rules. Everything was how Big Brother wants in the order and time frame of his choosing. Being completely alone can never truly be achieved. Someone somewhere is tuning into all the things personal. No matter where, no matter the time, the person, or place constant surveillance is a guarantee. “A party member lives from birth to death under the eye of the thought police. Even when
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