Survey Analysis And Critical Discussion Of The Findings

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4.1 Introduction This chapter sets out the results of survey, the analysis, and critical discussion of the findings. The data have been collected from 80 respondents. The analysis and discussion are supported by the relevant literature from Chapter 2 in order to ascertain if the findings disprove or support the existing literature. 4.2 Respondent Profile 4.2.1 Respondent Profile by Age There are 80 respondents involved in this research to be adequate in the requirement of research sample size. The respondents are female and male who lives in UK at the age above 18 as considered having the ability in making their own decision, as well as psychological and emotionally stable. The survey has been distributed among undergraduate and graduate students, due to the range of LUSH consumer market. Hence, the percentage of respondents for this research is being dominated by respondents at the age 18-24 years old with more than half percentage. The percentage then followed by respondents of 25-34 years old at 41% and only 2% out of respondents are at the age of 35-44 years. 4.2.2 Respondent Profile by Gender The pie chart below shows the percentage of respondents based on gender. Most of the respondents are female, shown by half percentage higher than the male respondent 's percentage. 4.3 Descriptive Statistics 4.3.1 Descriptive Statistics of Tech-Mediated Customer Service Experience Table 4.3 below shows the frequency of responses on tech-mediated customer service experience
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