Survey Of Cloud Computing And Healthcare

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Survey of Cloud Computing in Healthcare Today
Arnold Payne, Jr.
University of Maryland, University College

The purpose of this paper is to discuss Cloud Computing, a new technology that has become an important tool in the business of healthcare. The paper will provide an overview of cloud computing and discuss the evolution of this new concept in business today. The paper will also examine the application of cloud computing in healthcare and discuss its advantages and disadvantages. Since there are many perspectives on HIPAA and HITECH acts in the healthcare community that have caused fears and concerns regarding security requirements for storing patient data remotely, the conclusion of the paper will review and discussed the
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Shortly after that, In J.C.R Licklider began conceptualize the idea developing a globally accessible network of computers that would allow access of applications and data remotely throughout the world, wherever the internet existed. Of course all of this would require huge bandwidth capabilities that at that time were not available. However, this all became possible in the 1990’s when the bandwidth of the internet had evolved to be large enough to bring cloud computing to the world ("history of cloud computing," 2009).
Once the internet became a viable medium for cloud-based computing, companies started offering applications to the masses. In early 2000’s, Amazon developed a cloud-based tool, Amazon Mechanical Turk, which offered cloud computing, data storage and artificial intelligence. Later, in 2006, Amazon released its second generation cloud services known as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) that allowed individuals and organizations to rent computing space to run all their computer applications and data storage needs. With EC2, Amazon had truly brought in to the concept of cloud computing. After that computer giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple began to offer affordable, useful applications for computers and smart devices that were able to on the cloud and not by the devises. Consequently, there are tens of thousands of such cloud-based applications available. The advent of Cloud
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